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let's make hearing more fun

There is no secret WHY the DANAVOX hearing aids are the first choice of million of hearing aid users. Every DANAVOX hearing instrument is meticulously designed to provide ultimate wearing comfort due to special contouring & shaping of the body. It undergoes extensive R&D to create customer focused technologies for better sound amplification in all the challenging situations.  All DANAVOX hearing aids are treated with iSolate Nanotech to provide highest level of water resistance in order to form an extra layer of safety.

You must buy a DANAVOX hearing aid to experience the following features:-

  1. Most advanced chip technology for amplification used for all types of models.
  2. MFI ( made – for – Iphone ) technology combined with Android Phone Connectivity with a Dedicated App for more flexibility and smoother handling.
  3. Industry leading 2.4GHz technology to connect to host of wire-free solutions to connect to TV, MOBILE PHONE, etc.
  4. iSolate Nanotech for best protection against sweat, moisture & rain.
  5. Environment Auto Balance for comfortable hearing in all situation.
  6. Directional Mix Processor for accurate directionality.
  7. SDA PLUS Feedback Stabilizer.
  8. TINNITUS NOISE GENERATOR for management of patients with tinnitus problems.
  9. The smallest IIC ( invisible in the canal) & Ultra Power output.


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lets make hearing more fun


You will hear far better with two hearing aids instead of one. You are almost recommended TWO hearing aids(Binaural) if you have hearing loss in both years. Your hearing care provider or audiologist can easily program each hearing aid separately by DANAFIT software in order to match the required levels of amplification.

It is safe to say that two hearing aids amply train your brain to help concentrate and focus on the sounds you wish to hear.  Depriving your ears of sounds can make the auditory nerve pathways and the associated centers in the brain less effective at identifying the sound around you. This becomes even more difficult In presence of Noise.  This is generally called Auditory Deprivation.

  • Better ability to locate the direction of sound
  • Better sound quality
  • Wider hearing range
  • Better sound identification
  • Keep both ears active resulting in potentially less hearing loss deterioration
  • Hearing is less tiring and listening more pleasant
  • Feeling of balanced hearing
  • Lesser overall amplification required
  • More user satisfaction