Severe hearing loss

What is severe to profound hearing loss?
  • You will only be able to hear loud sounds or speech if you have a severe to profound hearing loss.
  • You will not be able to clearly hear speech at a conversation level.
  • Loud sounds will be merely perceived by you as vibrations.
Hearing with Great Difficulty
  • You can suffer from severe to profound hearing loss at any age.
  • This degree of hearing loss may be present during your birth, early childhood or progress as you grow older.


The following are the main challenges which will be faced by a person who is suffering from severe to profound hearing loss:

  • Noisy Surrounding: You will have great difficulty in hearing in a busy surrounding with a lot of background noise.
  • Clarity of Speech: If you are suffering from severe to profound hearing loss you may not be able to hear clearly even if the person is speaking to you in a loud tone.
  • Telephone conversations: If you are suffering from a severe to profound hearing loss you will find it extremely difficult to speak on the phone.
Coping strategies

Manage & Take Control of your listening

Do you try cope with different listening situations by resorting to different tactics?

The following are the ways in which people with serious listening problem cope:

  • Visual: Depending a lot on visual clues like lip reading.70% of the people who fall in this category opt for face time video rather than attending to a call on the phone.
  • Noisy Surroundings: Going to a corner, away from noise in order to be able to hear.
  • Large Meeting Rooms: Sitting very close to the speaker so that you can hear what the person is saying?
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