Live to the fullest with Danavox

Aqua Protect
iSolate nanotech is an innovative nanotechnology that protects the device inside and out with a water and dust repellent coating.

Why should water spoil the fun?

The hearing aid should not stop the users from having a good time and enjoying outdoor activities.  Thankfully, the good news for hearing aids user is that they won’t need to worry about Rain, Sweat & Moisture anymore ! Isn’t it really amazing !

Direct Comfort
World’s finest Danavox hearing aid uses 2.4 GHz technology to provides seamless connectivity with your TV. Now watch TV and listen to every sound crisp ‘n’ clear…With the DANAVOX TELE -VOX, you can enjoy watching your favorite program and movies with your family and friends once again. The streaming of crystal-clear stereo sound from your Television will reach directly to your ears from a distance of up to 20 feet away with full battery charge.
MFI Stream
Make a conversation, Loud & Clear.

DANAVOX offer Bluetooth hearing aids for iPhones and other compatible Apple devices that are called Made for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (MFi) hearing aids and majority of ANDROID mobile devices using Android ver. 11 or above with ASHA protocal. They use Bluetooth wireless connectivity to link directly to iPhones and other devices on the iOS platform, such as iPad and iPod touch.