Trust in
your hearing

Hear the sounds that matter the most
Whether it’s a date night out on the town or game night with friends, you’ll never miss a thing. Danavox Klar is designed with our tested and proven technology that delivers a clear sound picture no matter where you are. The advanced technology allows both hearing aids to work together to help you focus on the most important sounds right in front of you, while still being aware of other sounds around you – even in noisy environments.
Hear the full picture
The most complete and finest product in the industry,
Danavox Barani will give you an amazing hearing
experience in all situations with a clearer, fuller and richer
sound. Easy to use and offering full Danavox Remote Care
whenever you need it, Danavox Barani simply cannot be
matched. Tap into excellent connectivity for crystal-clear
streaming and personalized control and take advantage
of the rechargeable battery that will keep you going for a
full day on a single charge.
Advanced technology that allows you to do more
With Danavox Klar, you’ll have everything you need to feel confident in any sound environment. It’s built with advanced technology that helps you manage multiple sounds at once, so you can always stay in control of your hearing. Now you’ll be able to hear sounds comfortably with greater ease and easily manage any sudden noises that may occur, such

A solution you can always rely on

Danavox Klar

Taking the first step to better hearing is a big life moment. That’s why it’s important you can choose a reliable hearing aid – one that works for your hearing, lifestyle, and needs. A hearing aid that offers our tested and proven technology, reliable rechargeability, and connectivity features all at an affordable price. We believe it’s time that everyone can go through each day with confidence and ease, knowing that you can trust your hearing.

Choose from a variety of models and colours to fit your needs
With a wide selection of colours and styles, you can feel confident with a hearing aid that matches your lifestyle. Danavox Klar comes in 10 different models and with five colors to match your hair and skin. Now you can move about your day with a discreet, comfortable, and reliable hearing solution.

A long-lasting
hearing solution

Stay charged no matter where life takes you
Whether you’re spending a day with the grandkids or getting away for the weekend, you’ll never have to worry about stopping to recharge. Danavox Klar is made with a long-lasting battery and comes with two types of stylish and highperformance chargers you can trust: Premium and Desktop. The premium charger can also be used as a portable and protective case – ideal for travelling.

Battery life                                Charging required

Up to 30 hours                                    3 hours

Battery life Charging required
Starting your hearing journey is a big moment – and we’re going to be with you every step of the way. It’s important to us that you get the most out of your hearing aids, so you can get the most out of life.
Care at your fingertips
With our easy-to-use Be More app, you’ll find intuitive ways to easily control volume and adjust sounds directly from your smartphone or tablet. Now you’ll always have a way to adapt Danavox Klar to your needs – right at your fingertips.

Hearing care from anywhere
Get care from the comfort of your home with Danavox – Live assist. Our video chat feature lets you and your hearing care professional easily meet face-to-face, via the Danavox BeMore app, to quickly resolve any issues and remotely adjust your hearing aids. Or, simply chat with your HCP about other hearing-related questions whenever you’re in need. No matter the task, you’ll have access to customised care — even from afar.
Stay connected with all your favorite sounds via direct audio streaming from your iOS and AndroidTM device.
Experience the ease of audio streaming
From hearing the voice of a loved one on the phone, to getting lost in your favorite audiobook, Danavox Klar delivers audio streaming right to your hearing aids.
Make every moment count
You can also enjoy a movie night on TV with your family at your own volume, or stream your loved one’s voice directly into your hearing aids, cutting out distracting sounds – all with the help of our Danavox wireless accessories. Choose from a range of devices that offer extra ways to enjoy an upgraded listening experience.
Your hearing is always up-to-date
Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can feel confident that your hearing aids can be upgraded remotely, anytime. Now you can enjoy the latest technology and app updates that ensure you’ll always get the most out of your hearing aids.