An elevated Hearing experience
Like never before features

  • high fidality sound reception
  • crisper amplification
  • custom crafted to suit every ear shape and size
  • state of the art workmanship
  • Direct Sound stream to hearing aid from iPhone & iPad for ease of communication
  • Danavox patented IONFit Technology
  • 17 Channels and 17 Bands
  •  wind noise barrier
  • Adaptive Directionality
  • 2.4 GHz Device-to-Device communication
  • Tinnitus Sound Generator
  • DataLogging, direct connectivity to TV &Mobile Phone with Televox & Phone Vox
  • External Mic (Micro Vox) connectivity for distant hearing within a classroom M
  • aximum protection from Water, Sweat & Rain.

Types of Hearing Aids

IIC (Invisible Type)

The style of hearing aids fits deep inside the ear canal, almost leaving no visible trace of it. It fits deeper in the cancal.

  • IIC ( Invisible-In- The-Canal) is just perfect for people who do not wish to let the world to know about their hearing challenges and want to be absolutely discreet.
  • It is an ideal choice for people with mild to moderate hearing losses.
  • These hearing aids are the smallest made-to-fit hearing aids in size.They are almost invisible from the outside as they are placed deep inside the canal of your ear.

CIC (Completely Inside)

A Completely-In-the-Canal (CIC) device fits the deepest within the canal, a tiny Pulling cord is used to remove the instrument.

  • CIC are custom fit small hearing aids that are designed to fit in your ear by taking the Ear impression of your canal.  This customization is done to maximize your comfort.
  • They can be personalized are just perfect for people who want more control and adjust their hearing aids more often.
  • These hearing aids can easily be removed with the help of a small transparent pulling cord.
  • This type of hearing aid is a perfect solution for mild to severe hearing loss and now some can fit hearing losses .

ITE/ITC (Inside- The-Ear or Canal)

ITC (inside-the-canal) hearing aids fit into the ear canal. They are only slightly larger than the CIC

  • ITE are the largest of all custom hearing aids which are designed to fit into bowl-shaped area of your external ear or the entire external ear.
  • ITE hearing aids are sometimes can be fitted with extension cords to help you in inserting or removing them from your ear.
  • These hearing aids can be fitted with very powerful system with a larger size battery pill and are generally used for long battery life and higher level of amplification solutions. 
  • best suited for people having severe to profound hearing loss.
Sleeker & Slimmer-RIE/RIC

The RIC model is a very discreet, yet powerful hearing aid that fits comfortably behind your ear. The loudspeaker of the RIC model sits inside your ear canal.

  • RIE are the latest BTE style devices that are very popular as they are easy to wear and highly effective.
  • Receiver-in-Ear (RIE) hearing aids are also sometimes called Receiver-in-Canal hearing aids (RIC).
  • These hearing aids have a very small casing that fits behind the ear and are thus very discreet to wear.
  • RIE can be designed with custom made or standard ear molds depending on your amplification needs.
  • These hearing aids offer exceptionally naturally quality of sound. They amplify high pitch sounds to enable you to hear more at large gathering, sounds of the birds and your grandkids.
Perfect Fit – BTE

BTE model are placed behind your ear. A slim plastic tube with an earmould, in the end, directs the amplified sound from the hearing aid into your ear

  • BTE is designed to come on top of the ear & rest behind the ear. A small tube then is routed to attach into your ear canal.
  • They provide the best amplification in their class and maximize the quality of natural sound in your surroundings.
  • As they don’t sit deep inside your canal, they are very comfortable to wear and use.
  • Ideal for people of all age groups & also for any type of hearing loss.