Children and Young adults with Hearing Loss

You child deserves the best care and support to lead a normal life.

How common is hearing loss?

  • Hearing loss affects around 466 million people including 32 million children worldwide.
  • It is estimated by WHO that by the year 2050, this figure will cross a staggering number of 900 millions.
  • 60% of childhood hearing loss is due to preventable causes.
  • Out of every 1000 children born 1.4 to 5 are affected with hearing loss. Around 1.1 billion young people between the age group of 12 to 35 years are at risk of hearing loss..
  • The hearing loss in children is often identified during a test performed in the newborn hearing screen which is done about 24-48 hours after birth.
  • In some children the signs of hearing loss can be seen only as they get older.
Hearing loss and development
  • Hearing plays a very crucial role in the development of speech,language, communication & learning of children & young adults.
  • There can be development delays in the children who are suffering from hearing loss like it can impact the receptive & expressive communication skills & can result in less accomplishment in academics & can also hinder their socializing with their families & friends.
Immediate intervention required
  • After the hearing loss is suspected or diagnosed in your child or in a young adult you must immediately address the hearing loss concern.
  • Early intervention in your child will have less impact on your child development milestones.
Solution to your child hearing loss
  • We will do an audiogram test & detect the level of hearing loss in your child or young adult so that we can guide you to choose the best hearing aid which will help in the development stages of your child life.
  • Depending upon the type of hearing loss, we offer a wide range of all the latest hearing aids based on different types of technology
Listening is learning
  • For your child, hearing is very crucial for the development of the skills in their learning.
  • Your child will have to listen clearly to the conversation so that they can respond.
Encourage your Child or a Young Adult in Your Family to Wear Hearing Aid
  • Your child may not wear the hearing aid due to the fear of being rejected by their peers.
  • Encourage your Child to Wear Hearing Aid at all times for a better hearing.
  • Don’t be more than 2 meters away from your child & clearly communicate to your child
  • Carry extra batteries & your audiologist contact number.