Danavox Barani

The most complete hearing
care solution

Every day is filled with special moments that make our
lives truly amazing. Every word, giggle or sound counts
for something. Danavox Barani ensures you won’t miss a
single one of those amazing moments.

Prepare to be amazed

The most complete and finest product in the industry,
Danavox Barani will give you an amazing hearing
experience in all situations with a clearer, fuller and richer
sound. Easy to use and offering full Danavox Remote Care
whenever you need it, Danavox Barani simply cannot be
matched. Tap into excellent connectivity for crystal-clear
streaming and personalized control and take advantage
of the rechargeable battery that will keep you going for a
full day on a single charge.

Welcome to the world of Danavox Barani.

natural sound

Enjoy a clearer, fuller and richersound experience

With Danavox Barani, built on our latest and fastest microprocessing technology, you will experience a clearer, fuller and richer sound in any listening situation. Now you can hear all of life’s beautiful and delicate sounds, from a grandchild’s exciting story, a quick joke in a busy restaurant to birds singing in the distance. Get ready to experience more action, thrills or adventures when you are watching a movie. And, if you are a music or theatre lover, prepare to be amazed by the textured tones that make live performances deeper and more fulfilling.

Immerse yourself in layers of sound
Our industry-leading Binaural Directionality 3 with Spatial sense offers unparalleled situational awareness. Conversations and ambient noise can now sound natural and you can select which sounds to focus on. And, if you get caught by a sudden loud noise, Beltone Barani will adjust it to a more comfortable level.

Enjoy lusher, more textured music
Listening to music puts a hearing aid to the ultimate test. With Danavox Barani, the music has never sounded so rich and clear. Whether you are streaming your favorite melody or hearing it live at a symphony hall, Danavox Barani will let you lose yourself in music – every time.

  • In a recent test, 95% of listeners preferred Danavox Barani for music listening over competitors’ hearing aids* 95% 95%


Excellent streaming quality
and easy control

Streaming music or phone calls directly to Danavox
Barani has never been more enjoyable. Experience the
full action of your favorite movie streamed directly to your
Beltone Barani hearing aids, with no sounds missed.

Empowering personal control
You can easily control your hearing aids remotely with
the Danavox BeMore App. With a few simple taps on
the app, you can discreetly adjust your hearing aids
directly from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch
or an Android device.
From checking your battery status and adjusting
programs and volume to using more advanced finetuning features that control speech focus, noise and
wind filters, you will feel empowered and more satisfied
with your listening experience.

A joy for you and for others
Imagine enjoying a great movie on TV with your family –
but at your own volume. Or having a conversation in the
car without missing a word. With the help of Danavox
wireless accessories you will be able to catch every
conversation and watch TV with your loved ones at your
own volume.

personalized care

With you at every step of the way

Getting used to your hearing aids can take time, and your hearing needs can change over time. Danavox Remote Care will keep a closer communication between you and your hearing care professional, so your hearing aids can be continuously adjusted to your specific needs. This makes your journey toward better hearing smoother and easier, every step of the way.
Easy, convenient care
With the help of the free BeMore app, you can easily send a request to your Hearing Care Professional and receive the new settings with a simple tap on your phone, without the need for an office visit. Danavox Remote Care will save you time and give you confidence that help is just a tap away.

Danavox Remote Care


You request assistance via the BeMore app.


Your hearing care professional reviews and sends the new settings back to your app.


Tap on your app screen to accept the update. You can also rate the new settings in the app.


The freedom to charge into life

Make battery changes a thing of the past
Thanks to Danavox Barani’s integrated lithium-ion battery, you no longer need to replace batteries. And with the most user-friendly portable charger in the industry, you can charge confidently into every day.
Up to 30 hours on one charge
Danavox Barani will last you a long time, up to 30 hours, when fully charged. Recharging is simple – place your hearing aids in the charger overnight and they are ready again in the morning. If you forgot to charge your hearing aids, no worries – in just 30 minutes of charging Danavox Barani will be ready to go another 8 hours before the next charge. Extremely durable – even after 4 years of use – the battery in your Danavox Barani will retain 80% of its capacity.

Elegant, portable charger and carrying case
Your Danavox Barani comes with a sleek portable charger that also serves as a carrying case. You will find using the charger to be amazingly simple – the LED lights will show you the current battery level and if your hearing aids were inserted correctly and charging. The charger itself has an internal battery with an impressive capacity to give you 3 full charges.

Battery life                                Charging required

30 hours                                    3 hours

1 hour1 hour                            16 hours 8 hours

30 minutes                                 11

Battery life                                Charging required

30 hours                                    3 hours

1 hour1 hour                            16 hours 8 hours

30 minutes                                 11