Age related hearing loss

Hearing loss related to age is one of the most common type and is categorized as mild-moderate Sensorineural (SN) hearing loss. So, if you have trouble hearing & understand soft sounds like hearing a sound from a distance or hearing someone speak against a noisy surrounding, it means you have a mild hearing loss.If you have moderate hearing loss, you’ll find it difficult even to hear sounds with closer distance such as somebody speaking regularly to you.

What is age-related hearing loss?
  • As you grow older, you gradually lose your hearing abilities.It happens over time and you may even not realize that you have lost some of your ability to hear.
  • It is a natural age-related phenomenon and one of the most common among the elderly
  • Hearing loss often occurs in both the ears.
What causes age related hearing loss?
It is a bit difficult to clearly mark the reasons that cause hearing loss in the old age as compared to a normal hearing loss. There could be not one but many reasons, some of them being

1. The hearing loss that occurs in older people can be due to diabetes, high blood pressure or medication that is toxic to the sensory cells in your ear for example chemotherapy medicines.

2. Long exposure to high sound environment such as factories or other such places.

Do you feel that you don’t hear certain sounds?

  • Do you say “excuse me” more often while in conversation in a busy restaurant? Or do you need to adjust the volume button while watching TV? Do you feel left out when a discussion happens at home?
  • Or if a car is coming behind you & you can’t hear.
  • Or when you can’t hear the fire alarm in your house.

It doesn’t only affect you

  • Your Hearing Loss affects everyone who is a part of your life!
  • When you suffer from a hearing loss people’s behavior towards startchanging. As result you start avoiding interaction, lose self-confidence and may start withdrawing from an active life.
  • You feel isolated from others especially during a social gathering. Yourlack of confidence starts affecting your work life as well.

The longer you wait the harder it gets

Don’t Wait Any Longer!

  • You will lose the ability to process sounds if you don’t wear a corrective hearing aid. The longer you’ll wait, more difficult it will be to correct it later.
  • You must get a routine screening done in every 10 years until you turn 50 & every 3 years after turning 50.
  • We can tell you as to how mild or severe your hearing loss is & can accordingly suggest to you the beast hearing aid solution